Sunday, July 12, 2009

Ringing the Dinner Bell for the Week of July 5th

With 2 full-time working parents, it is too easy to fall into the rut of getting take-out or eating out after a long day at work. I have set a realistic goal for our family to eat a meal at home for at least 5 of the 7 days during the week. I am happy to report that we succeeded our goal this week! Check out our dinner menu from the past week:


Santa Fe Sirloin Steaks (I purchase them from Gibb’s Butcher Block, 8 for $15)

Baked Potatoes

Fresh Cauliflower with cheese sauce


Tortilla crusted Tilapia

Macaroni & Cheese


“Help Yourself Night”


Bleu cheeseburgers

Tater Tots

Fresh steamed broccoli

Thursday - Meatless Money Saver Night:

Penne pasta with marinara sauce (meal cost us a total of $2)


BLT sandwiches (yum I have been craving one)

Cucumbers and ranch dip


We treated ourselves to Alfonso’s Italian Restaurant (I had a $25 gift certificate I purchased for $12.50 on )

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