Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Make Your Own Foamy Handsoap

WOW - I just calculated that I will save about $57 a year because I found this easy recipe to make your own foamy handsoap.  Now for some reason my husband and I were very particular and we had to have Bath & Body Works Foam Hand Soap in our kitchen.  That is what we like best.  But last week I did a little experiment and it worked!

Using this recipe on Cutting Coupons in KC I found out that I could make my own foamy handsoap for almost nothing!  We had just finished the container of Bath & Body Works, so I made my own using Dawn Hand Renewal in the Bath & Body Works dispenser.  The best part is I just got 4 of these FREE from CVS with $1 off coupons!  I told NO ONE in my house and the new soap has been in use for over a week and no one has noticed a change, not even me!

So I figured out that we used one of these about every 3 weeks.  I normally buy these for 3 for $10, so over the course of the year, I will save over $57, sorry Bath & Body Works!  I just may replace all my soaps with this recipe!


  1. Thanks for the link! The Dawn Hand Renewal Dish Soap is one of my favorites for making Foamy Hand Soap. You can also use Bath & Body Works body wash. I use the coupons for free travel size items to get the travel size body wash for free and then use it to make foamy hand soap.

  2. The link doesn't seem to work and I would love to have the "recipe" for making this. I have been using the Lysol Foaming Hand Soap and love it!