Saturday, April 21, 2012

Cleaning Out the Junk Drawer

I think we all have one, a Junk Drawer!   Ours is in the kitchen and the sad part was, I was running out of space in my junk drawer to put more junk!  So I for some reason everyone in my house was up at 7 am this morning.  A few of them forgot to get the memo, that said "It is Saturday"!  Once kids are up, I cannot sleep anymore.  I also had some motivation to clean (early nesting??), so I tackled the junk drawer.  This is the before picture:

Now this is the after:

Much better!  Believe it or not I pulled all of these toys our of this drawer including 4 (yes FOUR) old cell phones!

So I guess my Earth Day project is to find where I can recycle old cell phones!

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  1. Here's a site for recycling phones for soldiers:

    Looks great!