Thursday, March 13, 2014

Shopping Kids Resale

One of the ways our family saves money is that I shop resale shops for kids clothing.  My daughter will be wearing size 2T this summer which I believe is an ideal age to find some great clothes at amazing prices when you shop resale.  My boys are in sizes 6 and 10 now, so it is much more difficult to find good, quality clothing at resale shops for them.  I believe the ideal age group is from newborn up to size 5.

There are a few outlets I use for resale clothing:
  1. Online Facebook Garage Sale Sites: I have some some great bargains on these sites, the only downside is you have to be careful you are not running all over town to pick up items.
  2. Organized Children Resale Events:  This is where space is sold to hundreds of people to sell used clothing items.  We have 2 events a year at our community recreation center as well as events hosted by local PTA groups.
  3. Traditional Resale Stores:  I have 2 stores in my area that I love to visit a couple times a year to see what bargains I can find.  I also take clothes in twice a year for store credit on a new purchase.
I realize you normally cannot get your child's entire wardrobe on resale, but I truly believe you can put together a decent amount of clothing for a season and minimize the new clothing you need to purchase.  Yesterday I stopped into my favorite resale store and man did I find the items!  You have to remember timing is everything, and you have to be patient to go through racks of clothing to find the gems!  I prefer to go alone also, so that you are not distracted.  I hit the Gymboree jackpot!

All three of these outfits were from the Gymboree Spring/Summer 2013 line.

 I also managed to find an additional 3 outfits for this summer.  All of the outfits are in like new condition!

With my discount and tax, I walked out with 6 new outfits for a little over $23.  I was quite pleased with my quick shopping trip.  Now if the weather would just warm up so my little girl can wear her new clothes!

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  1. I hadn't heard of any of those three places to buy cheap clothing! Thanks for sharing!
    Also, 6 outfits for $23!? You have talent! xx

    <(") Hoda
    JooJoo Azad ~ Free Bird