Thursday, April 7, 2016

LEGOLAND Florida Adventure

This year on spring break, my family had the pleasure of visiting the LEGOLAND Florida Resort.  We had rented a house in Kissimmee, so it was about a 40 minute drive for us to the park.  We found LEGOLAND a little more reasonably priced versus other Orlando area theme parks.  Tickets at the gate are $89 for adults and $82 for kids ages 3-12.  They offer online discounts, but my insider tip is, if you plan on visiting, plan on subscribing to the LEGO Club Magazine.  There are coupons in there for buy an adult admission, get one free child’s admission.  We were able to get 2 free child’s admissions with these coupons (yes they let me use two).  We only purchased one day admission tickets and only visited the theme park, not the water park.

From my experience, I really think the park is geared for kids 10 and under.  To be honest, my 10 year old was a bit bored with park.  He has ridden much larger rides, so there was not a whole lot of rides to entertain him.  He did enjoy The Dragon, Merlin’s Challenge, Lost Kingdom Adventure, Mia’s Riding Adventure, and The Quest for CHI.  He went on the Ford Driving School, but that was way too slow for him (he is used to Go-Carts).

My 3 year old and 7 year old enjoyed the park a bit more.  They were able to ride the rides in the DUPLO area as well as other areas of the park.  The highlight was The Grand Carousel since it has two stories, however we never made it up to the second story since it was limited on the number of horses on that level. 

We did walk the entire park, but were not able to get on as many rides we wanted to near the back of the park.  The other coasters all had a 90 minute wait and two were broken down when we were there.  The other line queues seemed to move well with less than a 30 minute wait. 

Another favorite part of the park was MINILAND USA.  This was the section that had mini cities built from LEGOS.  We were able to see NYC, San Francisco, Washington D.C. and more.  The details were amazing and it was a nice break to walk through this area and view all of the creations. 

Finally, I must say the food prices were very reasonable.  When we ate lunch, we were able to get a kids cheeseburger meal which included fries, fruit pouch and drink for only $6 each!   They also had the ability to buy refillable frozen slushy drinks which are always a hit with my kids. 

We definitely enjoyed our visit and I took a lot of photos at the park.  I definitely recommend this park if you have kids 10 and under.  I do hesitate on bringing older kids, because there is not a lot for them to do or ride on that would keep their attention.  I’m not sure if we would go again since my boys are 7 and 10 now.  The next opportunity we may have, they are just going to be too old for it.  I am certainly glad we went this time though!

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