Sunday, August 1, 2010

Rebates - Is it worth my time?

My answer is - YES!  This is what I got in my mailbox yesterday, a $10 check from Kraft from their buy $30 get $10 back and a $7.99 from Schick, which equates to about a $4 money maker!  When I bought the razor it was $7.99, but I used a $4 coupon.  I still got the entire $7.99 back as a rebate check!

In order to stay organized, as soon as I purchase the items on a rebate, I fill out the form, clip the UPC(s) and mail them with the reciept as soon as I get home from the store.  This way I do not forget them.  I think it is totally worth it!  6-8 weeks later, instant money in my mailbox!

1 comment:

  1. I got my Schick and my Tena one totaling $21.98! I love rebates too!