Thursday, June 2, 2011

Grocery Circular Roundup

All You is offering a new free grocery-saving service on All that just launched today.

It is called Grocery Circular Roundup and lets you search by zipcode for all local circular deals, filter grocery deals by retailers and/or food category, and even pinpoint what’s on sale and where from an existing grocery list that you type in. Using the search features it’s also a great way to coupon stack, and you can print coupons directly from the list as needed. Here is the direct link – it should automatically “locate” you, or simply enter your zip code and it goes to work.

Behind the scenes, the site is powered by Grocery Server, a grocery search engine that pulls grocery deals from all across the US in real time. We have some good deals discussions on our Facebook page and the occasional giveaways, so swing by and join us if you get a chance.

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