Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Buying a Cow

Thinking back when my husband and I were first married (almost 10 years ago), we didn't eat much meat.  I never made a roast and mashed potatoes on Sundays like I do now.  It wasn't practical for us, too many leftovers.  Plus, we were in a stage of our lives with dual incomes, we probably ate out way too much!

Fast forward 10 years and 2 hungry sons later, we eat a lot of meat!  We go through a lot of groceries!  I never thought I would be such a loyal Costco shopper.  Bulk is for us, otherwise we would be at the store everyday to refill the stock! 

Lately, I have really wanted to try to buy part of a cow for our meat.  About 2 months ago, my brother-in-law came to us asking us if we would like to split a 1/2  cow with him.  Turns out, his best friend lives on a farm and was going to slaughter a cow and can only take half the meat!  We were instantly interested!

We ended up paying only about $3/lb for our meat.  My husband brought home about 116 lbs of beef.  We got a lot of packs of ground meat, several different kinds of roasts, lots of varieties of steaks, some ribs, and miscellaneous pieces.  The 1/4 of a cow filled up our deep freezer in the basement.  I am anxious to see how long our cow lasts us!  It will definitely be a great budget helper this year, now that we do not have to buy any beef!

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  1. We split half a cow with my parents every year, and it's the best investment we make as far as food goes. Not only is it local meat, but the freshness is unmatched and I refuse to buy beef from the grocery store ever again. I hope you enjoy it as much as we do, and think about making it a habit. We usually have enough ground beef to share with his parents throughout the year too, as we aren't HUGE meat eaters. Our 1/4 lasts us the whole year. :)