Saturday, February 11, 2012

Let’s Save Some $$ - Contact Your Cable Company

Recently I had a very positive experience in lowering our cable/internet/phone bill. Recent bills had been $119.96 before taxes. When I received our February bill, it had jumped to $129.99. I was a bit irritated at the $10 per month increase and was ready to switch. In our area we have two competing cable companies. I searched the internet site of the competing company and they were offering $89.95 per month for the same bundle for 12 months! Wow – I want to switch now! Then I thought of all of the hassles of switching companies. I decided to call our current supplier.
When I was talking with the Customer Service Representative he explained that our bundle pricing has expired and hence the increase we received. I asked for a better package. He came up with a cost before taxes of $123.96. Not much of a savings I explained to him. I then let him know what the competing company was offering. Quickly he said, “well we have competitive price matching let me see what I can do.” He quickly came back with $93.00 before taxes.
So with a 5 minute call, I was able to save $36.99 per month off of our cable/phone/internet bill!

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