Monday, September 17, 2012

Make Learning "Greater Than" and "Less Than" Fun!

My oldest son is now a 1st grader!  I love his teacher and she has some very innovative homework assignments to make learning fun!  I just had to share our "homework assignment" on how to practice "greater than" and "less than".  Now I knew my son would have no issue because he loves to play War with a deck of cards!

All you need is a deck of cards and remove the face cards and aces.  Using an index card make a greater than sign.  Shuffle the deck and lay two cards out.  Have your child place the sign in the correct direction.   Remember that the open part of the sign goes to the larger number.  Once the sign is in place, have your child read from left to right.  For the one above, he or she would read "10 is greater than 6".  Now if the six were on the left and the ten was on the right, the sign would have to be turned the other way, and he or she would read as "6 is less than 10"!

Happy Learning!

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