Friday, January 1, 2016

Goals For 2016

Happy New Year!  For 2016, I am making only a few simple goals.  2015 was a challenging year for myself and our family regarding some developmental issues for our daughter.  She's on the right track now which is such a blessing.  I want to enjoy 2016 more and I think my simple goals will make it happen!

1.  Declutter - constantly, get rid of stuff we do not need in our house and lives!

2.  Experiences Over Things - I'm tired of things ruling our life, our family needs to have more fun and rely on less new things!

3.  Give More - we are so incredibly blessed and while we donate a lot of items and money, I need to look at more opportunities to give back and perhaps find some ways to volunteer more of our time.

4.  Kick That Student Loan Out of Here - 2016 is the year, my husband's Master degree student loan is getting paid off, END OF STORY!

5.  Serious Job Decision - this is specifically for me.  I made a goal that I would make a change for my full-time job in 2016

That's it!  Plain and simple!

Hope You Have a Wonderful New Year!