Wednesday, January 13, 2016

It Takes A Village (or Really Nice Neighbors) To Raise A Child

There are always those times when you have children that you need an extra hand. Whether it be a "date night" babysitter, an item of clothing to borrow for the school play, or some spice to finish baking that dessert! When we moved to our current neighborhood over 8 years ago (yes, 8 years, this is a miracle for us), we not only found a home we love, but also neighbors and friends always willing to help us out in a pinch!

I needed to share this story in the hopes that others have found the same type of community we have found. The type of neighbors that are willing to help you out as are you willing to help you out. The kind of person you can text or call in a pinch and they come through for you! I am so glad we have that in our neighborhood and it is one of the top reasons why we always consider not moving again. It is the fear of the unknown. Will our kids find other kids that they are able to play with all day on a Sunday? Will we find neighbors that watch our house for us when we are on vacation? Will be find good people that will run over and let our dogs out when we are gone all day? We just don't know, but we know we love our house and our neighborhood.

This week we had a bus incident where my parents were suppose to be at our house to get our youngest off the bus. They have done an EXCELLENT job this year and are NEVER late! Well, its cold, its been snowing and I was at work 45 minutes away when I got the call from the "bus garage" as my phone said. The bus was at my house and my parents were not. I tried to call them and the phone went to voicemail. Of course, my 70+ year old parents don't always remember to keep their phones on!

 I was in panic mode and quickly texted a neighbor, who instantly responded however she was also at work. She then texted another neighbor in which I then got in contact with quickly. This amazing lady, whom I am not direct friends with but only met a couple of times, got in her car and drove down the street to my house. Luckily my parents and then bus were there! What an amazing lady and I am incredibly grateful for her kindness and unselfishness to help someone in need!

I hope you all find this type of community we have found and I hope you are able to have this type of support! It really is challenging to raise kids and sometimes when they don't want to leave their basketball games with friends to run an errand, its really nice to have a neighbor say, "just go, I'll watch them".

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