Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Eat From The Pantry - The Pantry!

So our challenge began on Sunday, January 3rd! I decided to take stock in my pantry and here is how is looked before we began...

Pretty full huh? Well I started digging and look what I found...

Yep - 9 BOXES OF BETTY CROCKER POTATOES!!! I did not realize I had some in the back of my pantry and I went a little crazy when Target had them on sale for $0.79 plus I had $0.35 coupons. I mean what kind of bargain hunter would pass up a side dish for $0.44?? Not me!! We'll see if we can eat at least a box a week.
Stay tuned, I will update our progress at week end but thus far we have had a successful week!

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