Saturday, January 30, 2010

Eat From The Pantry - Week 4 THE END!

Overall I consider my family's experiment a great success! We had a nasty stomach bug in the house earlier this week which helped tremendously with us having to eat at home. Here is what we ate this week:
Sunday 1/24 - 4 points
Meatloaf (turkey, beef from freezer, seasoning from pantry)
Mashed potatoes from pantry
Monday - 0 points
Leftover potatoes
Tuesday - 0 points
Ate out for my 4 Year Old's Birthday
Wednesday - 0 points
Thursday - 1 point
Canitas Burritos (meat from freezer)
Friday - 3 points
Pancakes from pantry
Sausage from freezer
Bacon from freezer
Saturday - 0 points
Dinner @ my sister's house
So this week we only ate out once! This makes up for the 3 times last week.
Groceries for the Week - $3.34
Aldi's - $3.34 for Milk!
Groceries for the Month - $154.06!!
Week 1 - $17.28
Week 2 - $106.38
Week 3 - $27.06
Week 4 - $3.34
My nomal budget is $65 per week, so for these 4 weeks I am $105.95 UNDER!!!!
I am so excited. I plan to keep my rules up of only eating out 2 times per week and trying to keep my groceries under $65 a week, since I know I can do it!

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