Friday, May 21, 2010

Dirty Laundry?

So a husband and two little boys seem to make A LOT of laundry. I tend to do most of my laundry on the weekend, but I also do a load here and there during the week if necessary. Especially since my 17 month old has 2 favorite little blankies (actually they are old burp clothes) that he keeps near and dear at all times. These can become a bit dirty and smelly and need a mid week wash!

We live in a colonial with all the bedrooms on the second floor. I thank the builder of this house often since he was kind enough to put the laundry room on the first floor and not in the basement. One flight of stairs with laundry and often a child in the other arm is torture enough on a Mom! We have had this laundry sorting system in place for about a year now and it works great. I bought 3 hampers for our closet. They were relatively inexpensive each under $10 a piece at Target. The point is that the laundry gets sorted now so it is quicker to grab a bin and go to the laundry room with it.

In our 3 bins we separate by whites, colors, and delicates. We also have an additional hamper in the bathroom for towels and then there is one in the baby’s room for all of his clothes. It makes it really easy once a hamper is filled to just take it down stairs and dump it in the washer to wash already sorted! However my one rule is that if an article of clothing has a stain on it, it goes directly to the laundry room so that I can pretreat it that night. I must say I love my Shout! Boys get all kinds of stains from spaghetti to grass!

This method works great for us, how about you?

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