Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Giant Eagle GetGo FoodPerks! are Here!

What is foodperks!™?

foodperks!™ is a program much like fuelperks!®, except it allows you to earn discounts on grocery purchases at Giant Eagle® by pumping gas at GetGo®. For every 10 gallons of fuel you pump, you earn a 1% discount on a future visit to Giant Eagle®!

10 gallons = 1% Off
20 gallons = 2% Off
50 gallons = 5% Off

Do I earn foodperks!™ even when I’m using my fuelperks!®?
Yes. All pumped gallons qualify toward foodperks!™ discounts, including gallons you pump with your fuelperks!® discounts.

Is the fuelperks!® program going away?
Not at all. In fact, by combining your foodperks!™ and fuelperks!® discounts, you can maximize your savings on both fuel and food.

What if I pump fewer (or more) than 10 gallons at a time?
Every ounce of fuel you pump counts. When you pump fuel in an amount less than 10 gallons, this amount is counted toward discounts earned the next time you pump fuel. If you pump more than 10 gallons, but fewer than 20, you will immediately earn your 1% discount, and the balance will be held over toward your next fill-up.

How do I keep track of my foodperks!™ discounts?
We keep track for you. Like fuelperks!®, you can find how much of a foodperks!™ discount you’ve earned and how many gallons you have pumped toward your next discount on your participating Giant Eagle® or GetGo® receipt.

How long do I have to use my foodperks!™?
Your discounts expire three months after the last day of the month in which they are earned (for example, discounts earned in February 2010 expire on May 31, 2010). Your receipt tells you if any of your discounts expire at the end of the current month.

How do I use my foodperks!™ discounts?
When you check out at Giant Eagle®, Giant Eagle Express® or Market District®, you’ll be asked if you want to use your foodperks!™ or save them for a future visit. If you choose to use your foodperks!™, your discount will be calculated after all other reductions (coupons, Giant Eagle Advantage Card® discounts, etc.) are made.

Are there limits to using my discounts?
Your maximum redeemable discount is 20%. Discounts may only be redeemed on any single transaction totaling no more than $300 in qualified items after coupons and Giant Eagle Advantage Card® discounts are applied. Any remaining percentage in excess of 20% may be used on a future shopping trip. The larger your shopping order, the more you save. foodperks!™ discounts cannot be applied toward the purchase of gift cards.

Can I give my discounts away?
You cannot transfer foodperks!™ discounts to another Giant Eagle Advantage Card® account.

Watch an interactive video here starting May 27th and earn 10% in Food Perks now!

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