Thursday, April 21, 2011

Earth Day 2011

April 22nd is Earth Day!  While some people celebrate it by doing something to help our planet on one day, this is something that should be done year round as a habit.  Here are the top 10 things my family does to celebrate our Earth everyday!

1.  Use resuable bags at Aldi's and Target (Target gives you $0.05 off for every bag).
2.  We have a paper collection bin in the garage and all paper gets thrown in there.  Think of all the paper in your house every day just from junk mail!  We then dump the paper in the Paper Retriver bins located practially everywhere!
3.  We have a cardboard collection bin in the garage.  All carboard goes into this bin.  Think of the carboard that is often generated just from making dinner!  About every 2 - 3 weeks we dump the carboard into bins made available by our city!
4.  We have a garbage can in the garage for all plastic and glass that can be curbside recycled!
5.  Out of a room?  Lights off!
6.  We try to wash all clothes in cold water!
7.  Minimize as much drying clothes as possible in the clothes dryer bby hanging items outside!
8.  Donate clothes, shoes, and household items to people who can re-use them.
9.  Combine errands into one trip to reduce gas usuage
10.  Reuse plastic shopping bags as garbage can liners!

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