Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Favorite 2011 Baby Names, A-Z

I had to share this!

Favorite 2011 Baby Names, A-Z

A is for Aiden and Alexis
B is for Benjamin and Bella
C is for Connor and Chloe
D is for Dylan and Dakota
E is for Elijah and Emma
F is for Finn and Faith
G is for Gavin and Grace
H is for Hunter and Hailey
I is for Ian and Isabella
J is for Jacob and Jennifer
K is for Kaden and Kaylee
L is for Logan and Lily
M is for Michael and MaKayla
N is for Noah and Natalie
O is for Owen and Olivia
P is for Parker and Paige
Q is for Quin (and possibly, Quinn)
R is for Ryan...and Ryan!
S is for Samuel and Sophia
T is for Tyler (I have one) and Taylor
V is for Vincent and Victoria
W is for Wyatt and Willow
X is for Xander and Xzavion
Y is for Yoshi and Yasmine
Z is for Zachary and Zoe

Check it out here for the full article!

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