Saturday, September 10, 2011

Flip Flopping Summer

I have to admit, one of my favorite parts of summer and warm weather is the ability to wear flip flops (or flippies as we call them in our house) everyday.  I live in an area where we have all four seasons, so when the weather hits 65 degrees, I am breaking out my flip flops. 

I detest wearing socks and shoes!  All winter long, I either have to wear socks or nylons to work!  I am just not a big "confined feet" person.  I am one of those people who like to take their shoes off when I am sitting.  So more than likely you will find me shoe-less if you look under my desk or at my feet in the car!  First thing I do when I come home, take those shoes off!

Flip Flops allow my feet the freedom they need!  They are so easy to slip on and off in an instant!  Plus they allow me to show off my perfectly pedicured toes.  I love a good pedicure and how my feet look and feel after I am done.  So today I am a bit sad, because I fear flip flop season is coming to a close.  I will have to soon put my favorite shoes away again until spring rolls around!  Even though I still have the dark tan lines on my feel from my flip flop straps.

My husband does not understand my obsession with flip flops.  He is strictly a socks and tennis shoes kind of man.  Even when we go on vacation, the only time he will wear flip flops is when we go to the beach or the pool.  All other times he is fully dressed with socks and shoes!  It annoys me as I am sure it annoys him as I am ALWAYS in my flip flops!

I've started a flip flop revolution in my house.  Both of my boys, ages 5 and 2, are also flip flop fanatics!  I think this also annoys my husband, because these are the only shoes my 5 year old will wear all summer.  If he happens to fall off of his scooter, it is often my fault because it would have never happened if he was wearing socks and shoes according to my hubby!  Whenever we leave the house, you are guaranteed to hear "put your flippies on"!

My five year old is quite hard on his flippies.  He has officially worn through 2 pairs this year!  I am not sure how, I have never worn through a pair, but he has developed holes in 2 pairs.  I am blaming it on the fact that he rides his scooter around the block at full speed in his flippies.  And yes, it is always the flip flop on his foot used for making his scooter go "super fast".

My favorite time of the summer is the Old Navy $1 Flip Flop sale!  I am there every year and I get my limit of 5 every year.  Next year I will have to bring my hubby so we can both get 5 pairs since we are wearing through them so fast!

So long summer and so long flip flops, I will miss you and I will see you soon!

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