Saturday, February 2, 2013

Keep Up on Health Insurance Trends

If you are like me and carry the health insurance for your family, you more than likely took a "pay decrease" this January due to rising health care costs!  I am thankful for the wonderful coverage I am able to obtain through my company, but I do not like the fact that the cost increases every year.  Add onto that now I have an additional dependant, YIKES!  Here are a few trends that you need to look out for that just might save your some money!

1.  Employer Rewards For Healthy Habits
A recent study indicates that 22% of companies will offer incentives to encourage employees to take care of their health.  By 2016, 64% of companies plan on rolling out such a program.  My employer offers cash incentives for joining work sponsored weight loss programs and discounts at local fitness clubs, it may be little, but add up a lot if it keeps you healthier and away from doctor visits and co-pays.
2.  More Mistakes on Claims
Insurance companies are denying fewer claims, however human errors are on the rise.  Do not assume that because you have been reimbursed for a claim, that it is the correct amount.  Double check it and notify your insurance company for any errors.  I am constantly calling our doctor's office and insurance company to question charges and payments.  Recently our dentist charged my husband for x-rays he never received!  I would have paid for it had I not read the line items on the statement!
3.  High-Deductible Policies
To cope with rising insurance costs more people are opting for policies that have lower monthly payments but higher deductibles.  If you are healthy then this may be a good idea.  I am however very careful and still carry an expensive HMO plan.  With a husband and three young kids on my policy, one bad trip to the emergency room with a hospital stay could definitely add up.  Be cautious in choosing your policy and make sure it is best for you and your family in the long run!

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