Friday, December 18, 2009

Avoid Supermarket Traps

Watch out for tricks that entice you to spend more money at the store:

#1 Trap: End-of-aisle displays and pyramids of food

The seasonal and promotional setups don’t always feature great deals. Sometimes the store is just trying to move merchandise. Go down the aisle to look at the item on the shelf compare it to like brands to get the best price.

#2 Trap: Impulse buys in the middle aisles

Staples like produce, meat and dairy tend to be located in the “U” around the store, while the middle aisles are full of pricey, packaged snack foods. Walk down these aisles purposely, selecting only what’s on your list.

#3 Trap: Complementary product placement

Don’t get distracted by add-ons. Supermarkets put related goods near one another to encourage you to buy what you don’t actually need (such as placing high-priced pesto sauce next to the pasta).

#4 Trap: Wording like “25% more free”

Manufacturers use marketing lingo to make you want to pick up a product. But before you throw it into the cart, ask yourself: “Is this on my list?” and “Is another brand cheaper?” A steal on an item you don’t need isn’t a deal at all.

Source: Nora Dun, co-author of 10,001 Ways to Live Large on a Small Budget and blogger

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