Wednesday, December 30, 2009

What I Learned in 2009 - Part 4 of 4

Use the little things out there on the internet to make a few extra bucks here and there:
1. SWAGBUCKS - Earn Swagbucks for doing searches on the internet, for only 45 Swagbucks you can cash in for a $5 Amazon gift card. I have already earned 2 since joining!

2. EBATES - Shopping on-line? Stop here first and you will earn a percentage cash back to your Ebates account. Money can then be deposited quarterly right into your Paypal account!

3. SHOP AT HOME - very similar to Ebates, earn a percentage of your purchase back, plus there is a bonus for signing up. I am getting a check for $24.99 mailed to me on January 31st!

4. SURVEYSPOT- Take short surveys on line and earn a $1 or so for each one. I only take the surveys that offer cash. I get a check about every 3 months of about $6-$10. Not much, but still money I didn't have before!

5. EBAY - Sell unwanted items on EBAY!! I make this a frequent habit of selling clothes!

6. HALF.COM - Sell books, DVD's, CD's and more. My husband is back in school, so when his class is over, I sell his books here. You get a lot more then selling back to the book store!

I hope you enjoyed my 4 part series. I am so excited for 2010, there is so much more to learn on how to save money!!

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