Friday, April 30, 2010

My Five Favorite Kitchen Gadgets

 As I was prepping for dinner tonight, I thought to myself, WOW there are some items in my kitchen I just LOVE! I think they are “must haves” for my kitchen and maybe for your kitchen too! Besides the normal necessary appliances, the range, fridge, dishwasher, and microwave, I came up with 5 items in my kitchen I could not live without! My 5 items were:

1. My Pampered Chef Knives – I believe that a good knife or two is a must have for every cook. It really reduces the time you spend slicing, chopping, and dicing in the kitchen. It is so much easier to cut things one then multiple times especially raw chicken and beef! I have 2 Pampered Chef knives, but this big one is my favorite and I have yet to lose a finger from its sharpness. My husband jokes that “I take better care of my knives them him”! I store then in a separate place in their handy covers that came with them. I use them and then hand wash them right away, dry them, and put the cover back on them. If you ever have a question about a Pampered Chef item, ask me about it!

2. My Bunn Coffee Pot – Perhaps this is a little extreme, but we LOVE our coffee in our house. We love it even more when it brews an entire pot within two minutes! It is very handy in the morning hustle and bustle. I put the coffee in the night before so in the morning all you have to do is add water and then you have freshly brewed coffee. This was an anniversary gift from my husband’s parents after we made comments on how great their coffee tasted with their Bunn!

3. My Iced Tea Pot – We have had this Iced Tea pot for almost 8 years now. We received it as a bridal shower gift and it has been busy brewing ever since. My husband and I are addicted to fresh brewed iced tea. I will even ask at restaurants if their iced tea is brewed, because that is the only way I will drink it. I never drink any type of pop; my preferred cold beverages are water, lemonade and TEA! We use this pot at least one time per week if not more. I would be devastated if this item broke!

4. My Mini Chopper – This is a life saver for chopping onions! I just peel and quarter the onion and pop it in here and chop away. It dices really fine and I hardly have to touch the onion. By the way, that is one of my pet peeves when my fingertips smell like onions! It is also great for making salsa! I coarsely chop my tomatoes, onions, peppers, and cilantro and season it with salt, pepper, and lime juice. I let the mixture sit over night. The next day I throw it into my chopper and chop away, make a wonderful salsa!

5. My Scrub Brush – I think it is so much easy to wash dishes with one of these handy scrub brushes in which you can fill dish soap directly in the handle. I find that I rarely have to fill the sink with soapy water to wash dishes.

So do you have some favorite kitchen gadgets?

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