Monday, June 7, 2010

$10 Rebate on Febreze Home Collection

With the Febreze® Home collection, inspirational design and unique scent make the perfect combination for a refreshing atmosphere. And now you can receive a $10 rewards card when you purchase $20 of your favorite Home Collection products.

It’s simple finding Home Collection products that fit your style—like the Febreze Flameless Luminary™. The decorative scented shades are lit by a flickering light, so you get all the benefits of a candle without the worry of a flame. And with changeable shades, you can use different scents and shades to match the season or your style.

Enjoy premium home fragrance with the Febreze Home Collection Soy Blend Candle and the Febreze Home Collection Woodwick Candle. Not only does the Woodwick Candle last up to 80 hours, but it provides the sound of a crackling fire—in a candle!

Or freshen your home with scented oils available in the Febreze Home Collection Reed Diffuser and No Spill Wood Diffuser. Both fresheners release premium fragrance in scents like Green Tea Citrus to freshen the air while serving as classic décor.

To receive your $10 rewards card from Febreze, please do the following:

1. Completely fill out the form.
2. Offer begins June 6, 2010 and ends September 6, 2010.
3. All requests must be received by September 30, 2010
4. Circle the eligible products and their corresponding prices on your original dated cash register receipt.
5. Enclose the original UPC’s (bar codes) from qualifying packages.
6. Mail your completed form, receipts and UPC’s to the address on the form.

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