Tuesday, June 8, 2010


I just tried Groupon and I LOVE it! I just got an Eco-Friendly oil change from Lube for only $18!! The normal price is $37! What a great deal. We already get out oil changes at Lube Stop and use the Eco=Friendly oil so it was a perfect deal for me!

If you haven't signed up for Groupon, it's a really neat site. Each day they email you an amazing deal based on the city of your choice. Deals can be up to 90% off. Then, because Groupon uses the theory of collective buying power, they have to sell a certain number of deals or they cancel the deal and you don't get charged. That way you only get the most unbeatable price.

It's really easy to register and it's FREE. Here's what you do:
1.Register for Groupon
2.Check each day for their unbeatable deal (or sign up to have the deal emailed to you)
3.If you decide you want the deal, you just click on the buy button.
4.If the minimum number of people sign up, they charge your credit card and send you a link to your coupon. If not enough people sign up, you don't get charged (but you don't get the deal either).

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