Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Frugal Tips - Ways to Improve Fuel Economy

So the current national average for gasoline is $3.113 for regular.  Yikes - how does it get so high?  Unfortunately, gas where I live is at the $3.13/gallon, above the national average.  I know it is difficult to control how much you spend on gas, especially when the majority of your fuel is for commuting to and from work.  However, here are some tips to increase your fuel economy!

1.  Set your cruise control to 55 mph - The faster you drive, the more aerodynamic drag increases and fuel economy decreases.

2.  Drive off promptly to prevent wasting fuel - Don't let your car "warm" up.

3.  Use your gears wisely - using the highest gear is the most efficient.

4.  Fill up with a lower-octane gasoline - premium gasoline won't help your fuel economy.

5.  Keep your tank above one third full - this insures a steady stream of gas making your engine more efficient.

6.  Tires effect fuel efficiency - worn out tires decrease fuel economy.

7.  Replace air filters - if filters are clogged it causes your engine to work harder.

8.  Plan your trips more wisely - don't run and do 1 errand at a time, combine them.

9.  Tighten up that gas cap - this will ensure gasoline vapors cannot escape.

10.  When  you can walk or bike!

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