Tuesday, February 1, 2011

"My Stay-at-Home Husband Isn't a Loser"

Great article by Tara Gentile on Daily Worth!  She talks about the prejudices people have about her husband staying home with the kids.  Check out the article here

If you read my blog, you know that my husband voluntarily quit his job last September to stay home with our 2 boys ages 2 and 5. We have also encountered people who do not understand our situation and believe that I should stay home. However I am on a fast track program at my job and have been very successful! I do not want to stay home, I love my career. Having my husband stay home has been amazing and it is a lot less stress for me and our family. I wouldn't change a thing! The dual careers wasn't working for us and we really did not need the income. It felt like we were being selfish and choosing money over our kids. Our kids, my husband, and I are much happier than we were a year ago!

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  1. Kelly, keep doing what is right for your family! It is obviously working! :)