Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Kindergarten Decisions

So my oldest son has officially turned 5!  That means that kindergarten is just around the corner for him.  I never knew it would be such a difficult decision for my husband and I on what school he should attend.  Currently he is attending preschool at a private Catholic school, but how did we want to proceed with kindergarten?

I had the amazing privilege of attending 12 years at a Catholic elementary school and high school.  My parents had a strong belief in a religious education and thus sent all three of their daughters to Catholic schools.  My husband on the other hand at 12 years of a public education.  We are both very successful and both hold Master's degrees.

In the back of my mind when we had children, I always thought that I would send them to Catholic schools.  I felt it was the only choice for me and my children.  Well our household has changed a bit (and so has our income) since we decided that my husband should stay at home with our boys.  Now came into the picture, could we afford a private school education?

We seriously began to consider public schools.  We live in an amazing school district, which consistently scores high on state standards.  The thoughts of sending my son to public school were vibrant in my mind, but I still felt uneasy about that decision. 

We decided to attend a kindergarten open house at the Catholic school in our city.  I loved the morals the school portrayed, the uniform policy, and the high academic standards.  It almost brought me to tears when I heard the principal talk about the first time the kindergartners attended Mass with the whole school.

Well apparently, my husband saw how I reacted to that open house.  He commented on how he saw me smiling and so intent on what the principal was saying.  He was sold (and I already was).  We have to send our son to Catholic school, there is no other decision for us.  We will make the sacrifices many families make and give our children the kind of education that we want for them.

I now feel a calm in my heart.  Sometimes the best decisions we make are with our hearts and not with our heads!

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  1. This is a beautiful post, Kelly, and it is so clear that you made a great choice for your family! It is wonderful to feel completely at peace with the decision you have made. (I love how in tune your husband was to your feelings... so lovely to see.)