Monday, March 29, 2010

The Watch Project

So I have worn a watch for so long, I cannot remember being without one.  I am always the one who has the suntan line around my watch because I never take it off, except before I go to bed.  In the past, when I have forgotten my watch, I find myself constantly looking down at my wrist.  Last week, the battery on my watch died, the clasp is very week and I decided it was best to buy a new one.  Then I thought, do I really need a watch?  This began the "Watch Project"

I sit in an office at the computer 40 hours a week.  There is a clock on my computer, why do I need a watch at work?  I drive in the car for at least 20 hours per week and on the dashboard is a clock.  I never leave home without my Blackberry and what does my Blackberry have?  Of course, a clock set to the exact time!  There are clocks all over my house, on the DVR, above the fireplace, on the microwave, the stove, above the sink, and next to my bed.  Why do I need a watch?

So I have been without my watch for about a week now and guess what?  I do not miss it.  Nor do I find myself staring blankly down at my wrist.  So I will continue without a watch and see if there is a time that I really need it.  Until then, I feel I just saved my family some money by not buying a new watch.  This year I plan on having an even suntan without the watch line!

Are there other things you think you CANNOT live without?  Perhaps we need a "Watch Project" for those!

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