Sunday, November 28, 2010

A Cup of Kool Aid…

…Makes the Medicine Go Down

Is this wrong? I have a child that hates; I mean absolutely hates taking any type of medicine. It is a battle every time we have to give him something. When he needs antibiotics I literally have to ask the doctor, “how does that one taste?” The doctor even has a note in his chart that he is not a good medicine taker!

We have tried, forcing it down him; believe me that does not work. More often than not there are consequences for Mom & Dad for those attempts (I’ll spare the details). We use to use yogurt which worked for awhile. Then he figured it out and flat out refused to eat it! We were then on an orange juice kick and once again that worked for awhile and now the child refuses to drink orange juice.

So awhile back, my husband attempted to mix it in Kool Aid. I thought it was a bad idea, but it worked! It has been working for a while now. The child loves Kool Aid. It sounds really bad when I tell him he has to drink his Kool Aid! This past week he had a fever and we mixed grape flavored Motrin in his grape Kool Aid. It went down so nice and easy and he never knew what hit him. But you do have to be careful and not let him see you sneak it in, he is on to us!

He is now at the age now that I could actually start to buy chewable Tylenol and Motrin. That is going to be my next test. I sure hope he will chew them; it would make my life easier! So for now we are sticking with the Kool Aid, it is the only thing that works for us. I dread this winter season, because I know he will need antibiotics at least once, and giving a child medicine who hates to take medicine for 10 days straight it just pure torture on his well-meaning parents!

Do you have medicine issues? How do you handle them?

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