Monday, November 15, 2010

Play-Doh Fun!

Well we love our Play-Doh at our house. My almost 5 year old (oh my!) asks to play at least a couple times a week. Right now he plays when his younger brother is napping. This is also when we play our big boy games! When we first started playing with Play-Doh, I was obsessed with keeping the colors separated! Well after a couple of years, I have given up on that premise. Kids really do not care (at least mine does not) if the colors are perfect! Here are some of my Play-Doh Tips.

1. Keep all Play-Doh items in a plastic bin. It makes clean-up and storage such an easy task! Throw everything back in and put the lid on for next time!

2. Play outside when weather allows. We use a small table and simply dust the table off and no more mess!

3. When it is cooler, we play in our sunroom, much better than having a mess in the kitchen!

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