Friday, August 7, 2009

Five Ways to Save Money on Friday

Ok - I am going to try and start a new feature every Friday. I am going to post five ways in which I save money on everyday things!

1. Rent movies from the Libray! I use to have Netflix which cost me $13.99/month. Over a year that is $168. Since I was a Netflix subscriber I have put my account on hold but I can still access my "Queue" and add movies to it. Now I just reserve through the libray and pick them up when ready!
2. I love to eat out! So to save money I always try to buy gift cards from Giant Eagle. When the have double fuel perks (like now!) you get 20 cents off per gallon per fifty dollar gift card. When we use out fuel perks we normally get 25 gallons, so essentially I got $5.00 off of my dinner!
3. If you can pay off your credit cards on a monthly basis, make them work for you. My favorite card is Discover. About every 3 months I earn enough for a $50 gift card to Long Horn Steak House (I'll share more of my favorite cards soon)!
4. Use those nice $0.75 off coupons at your grocery store that doubles them. I always buy baby wipes from Giant Eagle because my coupon doubles to $1.50 and then the wipes cost me $0.75.
5. Instead of going out to dinner on the weekend and then coming home and playing in the yard with the kids, eat at home and then take the kids to the park for a fun night out!

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