Sunday, January 30, 2011

2011 Pantry Challenge – The Results

Overall, we had an amazing Pantry Challenge in 2011! My main goal was to spend 20% less on our grocery budget. Our normal budget is $300 per month, so the Pantry Challenge goal was $240 for the month. Well we succeeded and only ended up spending $239 this month for groceries! Wow that is amazing! I am thinking of the possibilities if we could spend that every month!

The downside of a Pantry Challenge is that we are a bit low on a lot of our pantry staples as well as meat in our freezer. So I am going to have to make a rather large grocery trip within the next couple of days. To every negative, there is a positive. The positive is that I have some Giant Eagle Foodperks that are expiring that need to be used! So I can save an extra 12% on my groceries. The other positive is that February is a shorter month, so I think we will stay below our $300 budget once again.

I have participated in this Pantry Challenge for the past two years and I cannot express how beneficial it is to participate in this challenge. It also comes at an amazing time of year, right after the Christmas spending rush!


  1. I love doing the pantry challenge. It is nice to start out the year with some extra money in your pocket.

  2. $239 for a month of groceries, I am impressed!