Sunday, January 16, 2011

Menu Plan Monday - Week of January 17, 2011

So yes I went MIA for the remainder of last week.  I have lots going on at work, good things of course, so I have been busy!  One thing we did not abandon was our weekly menu plan.  This is a vital asset in our home.  We have a dry erase board on the fridge which posts all of the monthly events and of course, our menu.  Even if I have to work late, my husband knows exactly what to make.  It is a lifesaver in our house so that we are able to stay within our budget and not be tempted to grab a quick bite out!

Monday - Beef Stew (carrots from freezer)
Tuesday - Stuffing Crusted Chicken Tenders (Recipe to follow) (leftover stuffing mix)
Wednesday - Beef Stroganoff (noodles & beef tips)
Thursday - Pizza Night (pizza sauce)
Friday - Eat Out
Saturday - My Son's 5th Bowling Birthday Party
Sunday - Turkey Roast and Mashed Potatoes (turkey roast in freezer)

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