Monday, July 25, 2011

5 Months Until Christmas - Have You Started Saving?

Yes, you have only 5 months to Christmas!  Have you started saving yet?  When you are on a monthly budget, you track where every penny goes!  So how do you prepare for larger events, like Christmas or a vacation when it simply does not fit your budget?

You plan ahead and you save little by little!

Last Christmas was amazing for our family.  It was paid for before the holiday shopping even began!  There were no post-January bills for us to deal with after the holiday season.  How did we do it?  We saved for 6 months ahead of the holiday! 

This year we knew how how much we needed to save and we started saving in February!  Yes, February, this way we know we will have all of our Christmas shopping money ready to use by November!  How do we save?  We use SmartyPig!  We set our goal up in February and every month we have an amount debited from our checking account and it goes directly to our Christmas Fund at SmartyPig!  You can watch your piggy bank grow at SmartyPig!

The amount deducted is part of our monthly budget, so we can afford it every month!  This plan has worked for us for the past two years.  Plan ahead and have the money ready to spend!

At SmartyPig, you can open a free account and earn 1.10% on your balance.  This is a lot better rate than you will find at most banks!  You can also earn rewards when you redeem your balance on gift cards!  How easy is that?  What's holding you back from saving today?

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