Monday, July 4, 2011

Make Some Extra $$ in July - Week of 1 of 4

So today, I officially started my "Make Some Extra $$ in July" challenge.  I did this last summer and lately I have been slacking, so for the next 4 weeks I am challenging myself!  My challenge includes:

Listing 5 items to sell on EBAY every week for the next four weeks!

Through this challenge, I will be able to do some de-cluttering in my house of items I no longer use, wear, or need!  Its amazing what you find, when I did this last year I found items I never even opened!  I also had a few items that sold for a lot more money than I ever imagined!  The other part of this challenge is that I will make a little extra money to help pay for a small vacation upcoming in August!  So here is what I listed on EBAY today:

Yep, I found all of those items in my closet!  I listed everything for 7 days, so I will provide an update on what sold and for how much!

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