Sunday, December 26, 2010

2011 Grocery Budget

One area in which we need to improve on is to stick with our grocery budget.  We have set a FIRM $300 per month grocery budget for 2011.   I am setting up a new tracker to hold myself accountable in my sidebar.  I will be updating this regularly so you can all see how I am doing on our budget for the month! 

Out $300 grocery budget feeds a family of four.  We have two boys who are 5 and 2 and boy can my 5 year old eat!  It seeems like as soon as we finish a trip to the grocery store, we are out of something he likes!  It takes a lot to keep our grocery spending in check, but I am on a mission to try in 2011.

Do you know what your grocery budget is?  This is one sure way to cut costs in your household if you begin to track and regulate your grocery budget!  I know if it often difficult to pass on an item, but hey there is always next month!

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  1. I hear ya!! I hate grocery shopping. I find that I, personally, am in a catch 22. If I do the scouting for deals and go from store to store then I over buy and stray because of a good deal. If I just go to one store then I don't get the good deals. Then you have the extra trips in between for fresh fruit or such...This too is my mission for 2011. Good Luck! I can't wait to see how you do and how you do it!