Friday, December 17, 2010

Bacon Prices

So apparently it is not me, bacon prices are on the rise! I thought we had not eaten bacon for awhile and now I understand why, the prices have been sky rocketing! I use to get fairly cheap bacon with sales and a double coupon, but that was awhile ago. I finally broke down and bought some turkey bacon with a coupon because we needed it for a recipe! Bacon is not a staple in our house. We normally only get to enjoy it when there is a really good sale!

According to the Federal Bureau of Labor Statistics' Consumer Price Index, bacon prices have been climbing for seven straight months as of October (the last month for which there is data.) As of right now, bacon prices are up an average of 33% over last year at this time.

There's a combination of factors at work here. Remember the H1N1 Swine Flu scare last year? That caused an overall reduction in hog herds. Higher feed prices and overall recessionary conditions also helped make raising hogs a money-losing proposition for a lot of farmers. And because pork bellies (the pigmeat from which we get bacon) is a traded commodity, market pressure from speculators has helped keep bacon prices higher than other pork cuts.

So I guess when we “bring home the bacon” there really won’t be any bacon at all!

However I did find a coupon for $1 off 2 packages of Oscar Mayer Bacon!

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